When it comes to TL’s qualifications and friendly demeanor, it is guarantee that you will have the highest quality work in multiple projects.


Since childhood, TL Allen has been drawing and designing.  It started during his formative years in the working-class section of Detroit. His mom noticed his penchant for cartoons and taught him inking.  TL’s elementary teacher also took note of his talent for cartooning, having caught him drawing cartoons on his desk.  Developing into a twelve-year –old freelance artist and designer, TL went on to draw, do typography, and cut-outs in order to complete several orders for bulletins, personalized greeting cards, cartoons for his high-school newspaper, and even a yearbook cover.

Along the way, TL kept up-to-date, using technology to sharpen design as the years passed. He continued on his path to create published cartoons in magazines such as Cat Fancy and Newsweek, along with print and billboard advertisement projects for Ford Motor Company. Throughout his career, TL Allen worked as an employee in print production, plus graphics and marketing for several companies, anywhere from Mom-and-Pop shops to Fortune 500s.  He learned and honed how to set up a store, how to manage a corporate production department, and how to increase revenue through marketing, workflow and consultation to managers and/or owners.

TL’s Skills

TL has a degree in graphic design & animation, studied commercial/visual art and experience in web design, digital marketing and HTML coding.

Clients Served; Adam Behavioral Healthcare Consultants (Asheville, NC),        Crooked Door Coffee House (Marion, NC),  Symposia Bookstore (Hoboken, NJ),   Tracy L.Cotton,CIC,CISR,CPIW Morrow Insurance Agency, Inc (McDowell Division, NC) Mr. Bob’s Do-Nuts (Marion & Old Fort, NC), Ideal Rent 2 Own (Marion, NC),        Golden Root Natural Medicine (Greenwood, SC) ,Balcrank (Weaverville, NC),      Rocket Sled Design and Marketing (Marion, NC),  103.3 AshevilleFM (Asheville, NC) The Spillway Bridge & Co. (Marion, NC),  G&T Communications, Inc.(Boone, NC), Bennett, Holland & Associates (Dearborn Heights, MI), Marion City Stage (Marion, NC), Carolina Donut Festival (Marion, NC), Ingenious Coffee Roasters (Marion, NC), Crown Rent 2 Own (Spuce Pine, NC),  Mountain Area Information Network, (Asheville, NC), Author; Kimberly Childs (Asheville, NC),  Asheville Scrabble Club (Asheville, NC) and more.


  • Web Design
  • Layout Graphic Design
  • Internet Marketing
  • Photo & Document Services
  • Consulting

With thirty-plus years’ experience is in commercial ad layout, branding, web design, digital prepress, digital photo, and cartoon illustration. TL has worked for both small “Mom & Pops” and “Big Bad Companies”.